How PBProtect Works
Where does obfuscation fit into the typical development process of coding - compiling - testing - deploying?
After you've written and debugged your original program, run PBProtect to obfuscate the code. This is the last step before compiling your program with the obfuscated code.
When you need to make changes to your application, return to the original code, and then re-run PBProtect before deploying any changes.
There are options to specify your preferences in this process. The whole obfuscation process can be automated by including it in a batch build by passing a project file on the command line to PBProtect.

One-Click Process

PBProtect automatically obfuscates your code with the click of a button, working safely and quickly. All you need to do is install PBProtect, and when you're ready to obfuscate your code, click the "obfuscate" button. PBProtect integrates easily with your build, and has no effect on the runtime of your application.

PBProtect works by renaming elements in the source code, making it too complex for a programmer to reverse engineer.
  • No variable names
  • No public names
  • One large library with all your objects
  • No comments
  • Extra spaces to make the code more difficult to understand
PB source code before obfuscator

PB code rendered difficult to decompile
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