Why Protect Your Code?

PowerBuilder, .Net, Java and other technologies use intermediate code as a transition between the code programmers write and machine code. This code, a standard feature of today's programming languages, is what a decompiler reads.

PowerBuilder, used more and more for mission critical projects, has attracted interest. This has led to the creation of more powerful decompilers. These decompilers by themselves are not a threat - in fact, they can be very useful to anyone who has lost their source code.
However, decompilers can also pose risks.

We don't deploy the full source code of our applications because it would be easy for unauthorized people to manipulate it. However, with a decompiler they can do the same thing: all they need is access to executables in a client/server architecture and technical help.

This means any user with access to the executable file can alter your application to perform illegal operations. They can:

  • Crack license codes
  • See private data
  • Alter the security or business rules of an application
Example 1: In-house Applications Example 2: Commercial Applications

Intellectual property lawsuits take years to settle, and are hard to prove. The damage to your business is already done.

What can I do about it?

An obfuscator renders your code incredibly difficult to understand if decompiled. PBProtect, the obfuscator for PowerBuilder, provides source code protection through generation of an alternate source code for your application.